Patient stories


Paul's Symptoms
Paul noticed a bulge in his groin while getting out of the shower one day. Unsure of what it was, he did some online research and realized he most likely had  a hernia. Paul learned that with the use of the latest technology and the laparoscopic technique, hernia surgery is now relatively quick and easy. He decided to take action and consult a physician at the Midwest Hernia Center before his condition worsened.  

Paul's Treatment
Paul underwent a brief, simple hernia surgery. "Everything really flowed smoothly. From the time I made the appointment...everyone was really friendly and helpful". 

"The very next day, I was getting back into my routine." Paul was back to his active lifestyle--rollerblading and playing racquetball--within days, and even recorded this testimonial only two weeks after surgery. " I would absolutely recommend anybody to come here and use your services".

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